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Invite Rev. Tom Hafer to talk to your group

Tom's lifelong journey as a physical therapist and ordained minister can help everyone

Caring for yourself to better care for others.

Our efforts made towards personal fitness can become a true spiritual discipline, an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for life. When we learn to care for ourselves to better care for others, we simplify and intensify our quest towards wellness while enhancing our ability to serve others. This is the spiritual journey of Faith & Fitness.

Building Healthy Communities

Over 30 years of experience ensure your group is empowered to join the efforts to caring for themselves to better care for others.

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Programs we offer

Nine workshops follow the points made in each book. Workshops can also be any combination of bullet points the organization is wanting to cover. Workshops can be a twenty-minute keynote address (or sermon), one-hour workshops, weekend retreats, or even up to a month long, one night a week study and demonstration. Every community, church, or organization is different. Very few have the very same needs. can custom make a presentation fit your event, and the honorarium is always based on what the needs might be. We are flexible at The end goal is for your participants is to leave your event with a new lease on living a life of health and wellness and for a much bigger humanitarian purpose. We are building an ever-expanding community of healthy, peaceful, optimistic, and productive people each and every day.


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