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With only a backpack of worldly possessions, the distance hiker is acutely aware of need over want. Long silent contemplation through unspoiled woods allows him to reconnect with the Creator - shedding fears, doubts, and anxieties - while his ongoing physical efforts reduce his body weight, high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, and other chronic ailments and chemical dependencies. He steps with purpose; He is freed. With this new-found freedom, he allows himself to be open and vulnerable with others. Supportive community forms among hikers who are experiencing the same freedom. Tom found his physical and spiritual center while hiking the Appalachian Trail.

About Tom

As a physical therapist and a minister for three decades, Tom Hafer has cultivated for readers & workshop attendees a unique approach to wellness through synergizing the physical and the spiritual aspects of their lives.

Learning that our efforts made towards personal fitness can become a true spiritual discipline, an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for all of life, simplifies and intensifies our quest towards wellness, we receive inner-peace, and we enhance our ability to serve others. We build a well planet, one peaceful healthy person at a time.


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